Dead WiFi and an eye parasite

It’s been chilly here in Scottsdale. Thankfully, the pool at JCC is nice and warm. I forgot my Garmin at home today but swam using my tempo trainer. After an easy 800 warm-up, the main set called for 3×500 at a brisk pace using the tempo trainer; each 500 was just a bit faster than the previous one. This was followed by a 500 fartlek (5×100 with each repeat adding 25 yards fast and the rest easy).

My WiFi at home died last week and I am using a backup router. It is annoyingly unstable; I need to replace it. I think I will get a D-Link brand this time (I have gone through NetGear, Belkin and MonoPrice).

Missy and Simi are getting old. Simi has completely lost her hearing; she only responds to claps. Missy’s left eye has a pretty severe scratch in it; it may actually be a parasite. She is on some souped up medication right now, but is a candidate for surgery. Overall though, they are happy puppies!

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