Dry lube or wet lube?

It was chilly and windy this afternoon. The wind was blowing from the SW at about 8-10MPH. On the bike, that makes a big difference. It was also overcast exaggerating the chill in the air. Living in Arizona, we are spoilt by near perfect weather almost all the time. Even when it is chilly, it is usually sunny and calm. Today was different.

I rode for 90 minutes up to Happy Valley and back. My bike (Therapy) is finally smooth after the mechanic at Faster Bikes lubed the chain. There is a strange clicky noise that my front derailleur is still making, but it doesn’t affect my speed. When I was at Faster, I bought this bike-lube that they recommended. Up until now, I thought all I had to do was to use dry-lube and clean. Well, I guess I also have to lube the chain after cleaning! I guess we learn something every day.

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