4 loops of 45 minutes = 3 hours = longass run

Running for three full hours; that’s what my training plan called for today. When I have to run for this long, I dread it. Today was no different. I hatched a plan to take a break every 45 minutes but creating a 45-minute loop (about 5.5 miles) near my office. This way, I could consume some calories and electrolytes and drink a few sips of liquid by taking a short breather.

The first and second loops went quite smoothly. The loop actually turned out to be just a bit more than 5.5 miles; hence it took me just over 46 minutes to complete it. My pace, cadence and breathing all felt smooth. It was in the third loop that I started feeling signs of fatigue. Towards the end of the third loop, I was unhappy and lethargic. The short break helped me and I started off on the fourth loop only to lose steam after a couple of miles. The final three miles were torture. Thankfully, the final mile was warm-down and I could relax just a bit. I also cut down the fourth loop a bit so I could finish the run exactly at my office at the end of 3 hours.

I ended up doing 21.5 miles at an average of 8:22 per mile. Quite satisfactory. I have no idea though how I will do an extra 5 miles to finish the marathon.

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