Sanjana has come to town; let the foodfest begin

After the grueling run yesterday, my training plan called for a 90-minute bike ride. Unfortunately, I simply ran out of time today. Work was super-busy and then I picked up Sanjana at the airport and went for burgers with Binita and Will at Hopdoddys. This time, I had a turkey burger; but the winner was what Sanjana ordered; the special of the day; the 7-layer burger

We got home and had a port-and-chocolate session (thanks to Naman, we had some excellent port). It will be a food-fest this weekend; I can feel it!

Tomorrow evening, we plan to watch the Sochi Olympics but Saturday evening (after my scheduled 5-hour ride), we plan to go out for another feast. I’m quite certain that The Good Egg with granola-peanut pancakes will show up sometime this weekend too.

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