What the heck is Slope Style?

I was up early to get on my bike trainer for 90 minutes today. I didn’t want to run out of time for two days in a row! It was a smooth ride although my front derailleur is still clicking!

This evening we watched the opening ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. After all the negative publicity mostly about accommodations and facilities, I didn’t expect much from the opening ceremony but was pleasantly surprised with the superb event. The music, the sets, the performances, the parade of nations, even the coverage were all very excellent. Let’s focus on the positive aspects of the event instead of constantly talking about the two toilets in the same bathroom (right next to each-other).

Speaking of being negative, I don’t agree with some of the ridiculous events in the games (e.g. Slope Style and Freestyle Mogul Skiing), but look forward to events like downhill skiing and ice skating. They should have a rule that a certain percentage of the world population (who reside in cold-climate countries) should have tried the event at least once before it gets a nod in the Olympics. I wonder what percentage of people have tried Slope Style (let alone how many people even know what it is).

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