Screechy brakes can make one look stupid

I was scheduled to do a 5-hour ride today, but cut it down to about 3:15 (51+ miles) because of screechy brakes. I started the ride with Bicycle Ranch early this morning. It was chilly but warmed up nicely as the day went on. I saw Mike and Erika after a long time and made new friends (Chris, Katie, Donna).

We rode north to Carefree resort where Marcus and Terry (the owners of Bicycle Ranch) had planned coffee for the troop in honor of Woody (who is moving to Spokane). I didn’t stay for long and took off on my own to the towers and on-wards to seven springs.

I thought I would circle back and then go do the Hidden Hills loop but my brakes started making this horrendous screeching noise as I was riding south on Pima Rd. I stopped back and spoke to the Bicycle Ranch mechanic only to have him fix the brakes in about 30 seconds. They just needed proper alignment (boy, did I ever feel stupid).

Anyway, since Sanjana is still in town, I cut short the ride today and headed home. After a short nap in the afternoon, we went out to The Parlor for pizza. Yep, the foodfest continues…

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