Blissful day to play Qwirkle by the lake

I procrastinated almost all day today. My plan was to run on the Scottsdale Community College track after dropping Sanjana off to the airport at around 4:30PM. Unfortunately, the track was closed (maybe it’s closed every Sunday).

I ran instead near my house and ended up running a portion of the DC Ranch golf course. It was my best run this year yet. I ran briskly at a sub-8-minute pace on a relatively flat terrain with a few undulating hills. The Phoenix Marathon is now 3 weeks away and any boost in confidence helps.

Sanjana is back in Berkeley. It was short, but it was fun. Binita and Sanjana got their nails done before we all went to the lake to laze around in the afternoon and play a game of Qwirkle. The sun was shining, the egrets were flying and the ducks were swimming. The dogs loved it too. Bliss…

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