Will Julia Lipnitskaia win gold in Sochi?

I love all the statistics on speed, heart rate, cadence and pace that my Garmin 910XT offers when I swim, bike and run. I am somewhat obsessed with syncing my Garmin and looking at all the stats on the Garmin and Strava websites. The Strava user experience is especially good. If you haven’t tried it and are into outdoor activities like I am, give it a shot. You’ll love it.

Today, I rode an hour but my Garmin malfunctioned a few miles into the ride. It was stuck and did not record the first part of my activity. I had to stop and reboot it; and even then it wouldn’t work; and then it just rebooted on its own and then viola, it started working. Strange; very strange.

Anyway, today’s ride was smooth, flat, non-descript and easy. I don’t have much to say about it!

Julia Lipnitskaia at the Sochi Olympics

We’ve been watching Sochi Olympics in the evenings. The absolute most graceful and best athlete at the games (IMHO) is the young Russian skater Julia Lipnitskaia. She is 15 (I think) and is incredible to watch. She has strength and poise and grace and determination and drive. I’m rooting for her to wing Gold.

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