Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark Holiday

There are plenty of “Hallmark Holidays” in the US and throughout the world. Today is one of them. Apparently, the tradition of expression of love started in 18th century England and persists today. Lovers express their emotions by bringing flowers, chocolates, gifts and heart-shaped objects for their partners. I am not much of a romantic (Binita will vouch for this).

I did get her a Starbucks card, plucked yellow and red flowers from our courtyard and arranged them in a “V” shape (for Valentines) before she got home. I hope she liked it! She gave me a cool photo-frame with our picture from Italy with a few pictures of our dogs. The frame adorns my office desk now!

Anyway, today I ran for 30 minutes around my office and then went to MMR for a swim. Easy workout it was and I enjoyed it!

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