Slow ride up, fast down

I started the bike ride with Bicycle Ranch this morning and went North on Scottsdale Road to the Shell Gas Station in Carefree off Tom Darlington. It was an unusually slow ride going north. My heart rate was barely in to the 110s for the entire first hour!

Shelly, Katie and I split off and rode back on Pima. I lead almost all of the way down at a pretty brisk pace of around 23MPH with the wind slightly against us. Instead of my scheduled 90 minutes, I ended up doing just north of 2 hours for 32+ miles.

Ride elevation today

Katie works in the solar industry and I was picking her brain about installing solar panels on my house. I’m going to explore it next week. We have so much sunshine here in Arizona; there’s really no reason not to harness solar energy. The economics have to work, we’ll see if they do.

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