Phoenix Marathon Race Plan on Rest Day

I knew I would run out of time today and wouldn’t have time for training. After my long run yesterday, it was okay to rest. My body can certainly user it because I have a long swim+run tomorrow and a really long bikeride on Saturday.

As you can see on the left, I have created the first draft of my race plan for next weekend’s Marathon. The big milestones to watch are:

  • 1 Hour >> 7.5 miles
  • 2 Hours >> 15.0 miles
  • 3 Hours >> 22.5 miles

I have reasonable confidence that I will be on pace for the first couple of hours and then some. It is at mile 18 or 20 that my race will begin. If I can hang on to the pace and continue to do 8-minute-miles, I will qualify for Boston. If not, I will try again another day.

I am hardly religious, but I am praying for favoring winds. The forecast this far in advance calls for rainy and windy conditions. Not good!

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