Hooters at Venus

It must be nesting season for the birds of Arizona. Every morning these days, I can hear Great Horned Owls hooting. One has a deep masculine voice and the other has a delicate feminine voice. They hoot in alternating rhythms with a booming “woot woot” sound that echoes through the mountains around my house. I can hear them just before sunrise and just after sunset. This morning, I saw one sitting on my neighbor’s chimney just as the sun was coming up. Venus is the morning star these days and shines brightly in the Eastern sky early in the mornings. The owl juxtaposed against Venus made for a perfect way to start the day. The hooting went on for a good twenty minutes before the birds flew off to rest for the day. The world awoke as the owls slept…

I took this picture and enhanced it with Photoshop. You can see the silhouette of the owl almost staring at Venus. The waning moon was not far from Venus  but didn’t make it in this picture!

This afternoon, I ran intervals at the soccer fields by The Princess. I was exhausted from yesterday’s ride; my quads were not firing on all cylinders today. It was warm this afternoon and I was glad to get the run over with. Next week is race week. I hope for favoring winds during the race next Saturday.

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