Ouch! 14 MPH Headwinds

3,800 meters is a long swim. At the Ironman in Cabo, I will need to swim that distance in the ocean with a thousand+ other swimmers as the waves crash against the shoreline. Fortunately, I will be wearing a wetsuit for some increased buoyancy.

Today, I swam 3,900 yards at MMR. I broke the swim down into an 800 warmup followed by 5 repeats of 600 yards, each one slightly faster than the previous one. I have not recovered fully from my ride a couple of days back. Also, my allergies are acting up over the past few days preventing me from sleeping soundly.

I glanced at the forecast for Saturday’s race. It is definitely not good news. Winds are expected to be dead against us at around 14 MPH and there is a 70% chance of rain. A 14 MPH headwind means that each mile will be about 20 seconds slower; this will add 8 minutes and 40 seconds to my total time. If the weather forecast comes true, my chances for qualifying for Boston are out the window. I will just try and enjoy the run without giving much thought to time.

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