Bad weather, but at least not a haboob

My focus is now entirely on Saturday’s Phoenix Marathon. It is unfortunate that the weather forecast calls for heavy rain and nasty headwinds. My race strategy has changed. Out the door are the projected pace times; I plan to race much more by feel than timing. I had put much pressure on myself to qualify for Boston over the past few weeks and months. With this weather, what will transpire is quite unpredictable. Marathons are unpredictable enough!

A haboob is a dust-storm occasionally seen in Phoenix

At least the weather forecast doesn’t call for a haboob (if you don’t know what that is, here is a picture).

I have already blogged about the downhill first 4 miles; I just want to enjoy these before the uphill starts. At mile 6, the downhill begins again and (hopefully) so will my enjoyment. My goal is now to get through the first 15 miles at a comfortable pace and enjoy the race. After that, it will all depend on how wet I am, how much wind there is, how tough I feel mentally and what my body can handle physically. One thing is for sure; there is no more pressure to qualify for Boston (at least not for this race).

I biked for about 15 miles in just less than an hour doing one significant hill (McDowell Mountain Road). I started and ended at the office; it was a routine and short ride!

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