I have two 7s and I like it

I am all set for the marathon tomorrow. The equipment is laid out, the clothes are picked, the bib is attached to the top, the socks and shoes are ready and I too am ready. Bad weather or not, I will run and give it my best shot. I know I will enjoy the first fifteen miles; after that I will leave it to my mental and physical abilities.

I hope for zero mishaps; but there are just way too many things that can go wrong. At my half-marathon in January, I had all kinds of issues with my heart-belt and nutrition (not to mention my pacing). With a race that lasts more than three hours, there is also a chance that I will have to use the port-a-potty!

I will be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I am scheduled to meet Will at the office at 3:45AM and head to Mesa to catch a bus to the start. It will be cold and windy and probably rainy! My chances of qualifying for Boston are minimal but they are not zero. I have trained hard for months now and feel good. I have no ailments and am physically as fit as I can be. So we’ll see what happens tomorrow…

I ran for a quick 20 minutes this morning just to get my motor going for tomorrow. In the afternoon, Will and I drove down to Mesa to pick up our bibs. My bib number is 8477 (I like it because it has two 7s in it)! You can see that it is already pinned to the top that I will run in tomorrow.

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