Quoting Mr. Miyagi

After a much deserved rest day yesterday, I went to JCC for a quiet 1,500-yard swim. I had time to bask in the glory of qualifying and lived every moment multiple times yesterday.

I have already blogged in the past week that I did not expect to qualify for Boston at the Phoenix Marathon, and was already looking ahead to future easy races this summer and fall to qualify. Maybe that’s why I did not feel any pressure to have the perfect race. Maybe that’s why I was able to “relax and flow!”

Sometimes, things just come together at the most unexpected times. This is true not just for races; it is true for life. It reminds me of a Mr. Miyagi quote (may his soul rest in peace), “Lesson not just karate only. Lesson for whole life. Whole life have a balance. Everything be better. Understand?”

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