Salted caramel ice cream

Enjoying some salted caramel ice cream

Yesterday was the most perfect run. Today, not so much. Binita and the Whoopie babes had plans to do lunch with Amit and his friends about 5 miles from the hotel in Chatsworth. I decided to drive with them and run back. It was pretty lousy running through the streets of Chatsworth. Yesterday, I saw dolphins and pelicans in the ocean; today all I saw were Impalas (Chevy) and Rams (Dodge).

In the afternoon, we drove to Top of Topenga (atop the hill that separates Chatsworth from the ocean) and stopped by a lovely hippy-style juice bar. I had a drink called Kale-fornia (Kale, banana, strawberries, ginger, coconut and avocado). Unfortunately, it was not very good! But then Binita bought some salted caramel ice cream that was quite perfect (you can see me enjoying it in this picture).

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