Bobcat in Silverleaf

Today is the start of a tough training week. Today was long swim day, and Saturday is long bike day. All other days are intense with long runs, interval biking and medium-distance swims.

Bobcat in my neighbor’s front yard
I took my swim gear to work today and planned to go to JCC to swim 4,000+ yards at noon. I totally forgot swim jammers at home and had to drive all the way back to pick them up before going for a swim. As I was was about to enter my garage, I saw a bobcat lazily strolling on the road. We see bobcats around our neighborhood but it is not a common sight. I followed the cat for a couple of minutes as he walked into my neighbor’s front yard. I had my iPhone camera ready and was able to take this shot. Look at him! He’s gorgeous, isn’t he? Pound-for-pound, the bobcat is considered the most ferocious cat in the world. This one probably weighed all of 30 pounds but I bet he packs a punch!
I swam for 4,250 yards today. It was long and laborious, and I am glad it is behind me. I was swimming lazily and had a hard time finishing the last 1,000 yards; but it is done now!

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