17 days to Ironman Cabo

It is amazing how resilient a 12-year old dog can be. Yesterday we had to put Missy in a restraining collar and she was moping around. Today, she is still in a restraining collar, but she is happily jumping here and there as if she were a little puppy. In human years, she is 84 years old. Simi (on the other hand) lazily sleeps all day long! At almost 14, she enjoys the good life.

It is now 17 days to go before Ironman Cabo. Except for my nasty nails, I thought I was nicely recovered from the Phoenix Marathon, but when I ran for 2 hours today, I was huffing and puffing with sore leg muscles especially for the last 30 minutes. I ran just short of 2 hours for just short of 14 miles around the office. I have one more long training workout (Saturday bike for 6 hours) to go before I start tapering.

Tomorrow, Sanjana comes to town. Friday, Naman comes to town. I can’t wait for the festivities with family.

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