Naman has arrived

It is gorgeous these days in Phoenix. As you drive (or bike or run) around town, you can smell the orange blossoms. They smell like jasmine. Cactus and other flowers are coming into bloom with the imminent arrival of spring. Mid-march is the beginning of my favorite part of the year (although my allergies act up too). If you are not from Arizona and are planning a trip, I would recommend coming here mid-March through the beginning of May.

I swam today at JCC for about 2,500 yards. It was interval sprint day and I tried to maintain a 1:30 speed per every hundred with a 20-second rest. It got progressively more exhausting, but the total distance was not too bad.

Sanjana and I picked up Naman from the airport this evening. He is jet-lagged (having just arrived from India). As you can see from the picture, wine is already being poured.

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