The pain continues >> hashtag FirstWorldProblems

My calf is not getting better. It hurts more than it did yesterday. After last year’s Arizona Ironman debacle (if you read my blog from November, you will see that I had pleurisy and pneumonia a week before last years IMAZ), I have taken precautions to stay healthy and make it a point to listen to my body.

This calf strain sneaked up me from nowhere. In retrospect, I did have slight calf pain after my perfect Marathon run on March 1, but I thought nothing of it because the pain vanished in a couple of days. Maybe the damage was done back then. Maybe intense training over the past couple of weeks with long rides, runs and swims simply aggravated my calf. Who knows…

With 10 days to go, I am now seriously concerned about my prospects for Ironman Cabo. In my mind, I refer to the whole situation as my Ironman jinx. Karma comes to mind too. Have I been a good person with good feelings, good thoughts and good actions? Is this Karma’s way of penalizing me for my feelings, thoughts and actions? It doesn’t seem fair! But then, nobody said that life was fair.

Nobody said that the road to becoming an Ironman would be an easy one!

One the other hand, does anybody care? A little calf strain preventing me from participating in an Ironman would definitely qualify as #firstworldproblems (Hashtag FirstWorldProblems). Besides, I still have 10 days to recover. Let’s not give up hope!

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