Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Today is the first day since Monday evening that I actually feel better than the day before. I have started the Ibuprofen regimen of 600mg every 6 hours (3 times a day). My calf still hurts but less so and I can walk with little discomfort. Running is still out of the question, but for the first time in days, I feel like my changes are greater than 50-50 for starting at next weekend’s Ironman in Cabo. I have yet to analyze the course and will wait another couple of days before I go through it mile-by-mile (biking and running).

I dropped my bike off this morning at Curbside Cyclery. It is quite far from my house, but Mike (the mechanic) was recommended by three of my bicycling friends (Kristen, Gerry and Brett). I am getting new tires, tubes, a tune-up and a new chain. My bike will surely be ready for the race. I just hope that I am too!

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