An easy swim

I swam today. It was a nice, easy 1,000 meters at Lifetime Fitness (thanks to Shelly). My calf felt great in the water with zero pain, but it still hurts a bit when I walk. I feel more optimistic about this weekend though. I’m still taking Ibuprofen and wearing calf compression all day and all night. With all this, the pain will be pretty much gone by next Sunday.

I bought new shoes earlier this week. They are a new version (7.0) of the Ultra TT Zoot shoes I planned to use for the Ironman. The old ones are worn out and the new ones fit quite perfectly. As long as I can get a nice and easy 4-mile run in by Sunday, I’ll have broken them in. As you can see from the picture, they are unmistakably bright and neon!

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