A relaxed Ironman

Ironman week is here. I am not going into the race brimming with confidence. I even txt’d one of my friends that I plan to do a “relaxed Ironman” (an obvious oxymoron); but the reality is that I do plan to relax and have fun while swimming, biking and running. I’m sure there will be times that I will need to dig deep to take the next step, but I hope I can do it with a smile. I hope I can remember my mantra, “relax and flow” and I sure hope that my calf muscles can hold up.

Speaking of my calf, it feels better today. While there is slight discomfort, I had an excellent mile-long swim at JCC. I felt zero discomfort while swimming. I also drove down to Curbside Cyclery and picked up my bike. It now has new tires, tubes and a new chain. It is also tuned up nicely!
The weather on March 30 in San Jose Del Cabo is expected to be a balmy 92 degrees with a bit of breeze; just a bit warm and windy, but should be a gorgeous day.
Am I ready? Not quite yet, but I still have 6 days. Ready or not, I’m in!

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