Ironman Cabo; nervous but excited

It was an easy, relaxed 10-mile ride today just to see how my calf behaves. It behaved quite nicely; I felt virtually no discomfort as I rode around my office. The bike handled very nicely on the new Michelin Endurance tires.

I also saw Lisa of Windhawk who worked hard on my calf muscles today. It hurt but in a good way. By the time I walked out, I felt a lot better than I did when I walked in. I just hope this is the last I have seen of the pain from my calf.

I also did preliminary analysis on my Ironman Cabo times. Based on the course, weather and how prepared I am, my most realistic time averages are as follows:

  • Swim: Average about 2 minutes for every 100 meters
  • T1: About 12 minutes
  • Bike: Average about 15.5 miles per hour
  • T2: About 15 minutes
  • Run: Average about 11 minutes per mile

My best guess is that I will probably do the swim a bit faster than expected but the bike will be right around the estimate. As for the run, it will just depend on how much I have left and how my calf feels. If all goes well, I will finish in less than 14 hours. If something fails, all bets are off and I will finish in 15 or even 16 hours. If things come together perfectly, I will do it in 13. In spite of my injury, I’m excited. Nervous but excited.

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