Packed and ready for Cabo

I had a hard time packing my bike into the box that I have borrowed from Bill. It just confirms that I am not mechanically inclined. I even broke my bike assembly tool; the one that holds all the wrenches in various sizes. So now that the bike is nicely packed (and I use the term nicely somewhat facetiously), I hope to find a mechanic in Cabo who can assemble it together with ease. I also hope that nothing breaks in transport!

Packing for a triathlon is not trivial. A ton of space is required for nutrition and accessories that go with doing triathlons. I packed a few things in the bike box, but had quite a few things left over for the bag. Fortunately, I am taking zero formal clothes. The race is on Sunday; if all goes well, I will finish the race in one piece and will barely be able to walk on Monday. We fly back on Tuesday leaving no time for even a nice dinner.

We are going to stay at the Holiday Inn Resort in San Jose Del Cabo. Apparently, it is on the beach and is all inclusive. The pictures look nice, but I am not holding my breath! It does get a 4-star rating, and the run course loops right in front of the hotel making it convenient for Binita to come and watch!

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