Swim in the ocean with a strained back

View from my room in San Jose Del Cabo

The beach is gorgeous here. Tourists ride horses on the beach. The ocean water looks very inviting. Apparently, there are whales in the bay (although I have not seen any). Will went whale watching earlier this week and shot some incredible video of 3 of them together.

My back still hurts. It is just slightly better than yesterday but it hurts. I am still at 50-50 for doing the Ironman on Sunday.

Will picked me up early this morning and we went swimming in the ocean for about half-a-mile. The waters were warm but choppy. I drank a bunch of salty ocean water; but took comfort that it only adds to my electrolyte intake and therefore only helps! Overall, the swim wasn’t exactly easy, but felt comfortable in the wetsuit. I had a bit of a hard time getting started, but once I got going, it was a matter of just swimming.

We came back to the hotel, had breakfast and hung around chilling for a while. As you can see, I am using a plethora of drugs to get rid of my back pain. So far, it is not working fast enough!

After Will left, I went for a quick 5-mile bike ride around the hotel. It was bumpy and my back felt every bump, but at least I wasn’t in agony. It was painful but bearable pain (especially with drugs).

So where does all this leave me for Ironman Los Cabos on Sunday? Well, I am at 50-50 as of now. I will attempt to run tomorrow morning for a couple of miles. If that goes well, I will up my chances. If I can’t run, I will drop out.

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