Bike or hike in Yosemite in May?

I look forward to Sheelben and family’s arriving in California in May for Sanjana’s graduation. It’ll be fun to drive to Yosemite in a big SUV or van. It’ll be fun hiking in Yoesmite. Maybe I’ll venture to rent a road bike to conquer some of the hills in Yosemite. Or maybe a few of us will hike up half-dome. We’ll see…it looks like it gets pretty crowded (based on this random image downloaded from the web)!

I biked on my trainer for an hour today. My leg feels slightly better but the stiffness remains. It felt good to loosen it a bit on the trainer. Hopefully in a few days I will be back to normal. I seem to have also picked up a tickle in my throat. I hope it is just a passing tickle and doesn’t flare up!

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