Plenty of reasons to smile

I ran downhill for 4+ miles today. It was laborious, slow and painful. I was glad when I was done. I started running from home all the way downhill to Yogurtology on FLW and Thompson Peak. I held my cadence but was huffing and puffing all the way. I could barely maintain a 9:30 pace.

What a difference a month makes. On March 1, I had the BEST run of my life at the Phoenix Marathon (where I qualified for Boston) and where my average pace was less than 8 minutes per mile. Two weeks later, my calf started hurting and I had to stop running or biking. Another ten days later, I strained my back while traveling to Mexico. The longest I ran before the Ironman was exactly two miles. Then on March 31, I did the Ironman where I practically walked the entire 26.2 miles. I was in pain with all kinds of cramping, dehydration and nutrition issues. Even after two bottles of IV fluid, I didn’t have to pee for a few hours.

I am still paying for this with a stiff leg, sore lower back, tickle in my throat and a frustrating attitude. But…I did qualify for Boston and I did finish an Ironman. That’s two things scratched off my bucket-list in a single month. In spite of all my ailments, I have all the reasons to smile!

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