The Green Dot

It was a lazy Sunday today. I stayed home most of the day and watched television. The Masters golf tournament was on, and with its history of racism and sexism, I can’t believe it is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. But then, let’s not get all riled up about it on this blog. I seldom talk about politics here, but most people who know me know where I stand on the political spectrum (hint: the green dot is where I stand).

Anyway, in the afternoon, after feeling restless, I got on my trainer for 30 minutes times 2 for an easy hour-long ride. It was hardly worthy of mention.

My lungs still feel heavy and my nose is runny. My leg is getting better each day, but is still not at 100%. It will get there in time. The muscle cramping did a number on me in Cabo; they still spasm off and on.

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