Best time of the year in Scottsdale

On March 1, I ran the Phoenix Marathon. In the second week of March, I ran long a couple of times. Then my calf gave out followed by my back. Over the past month, my longest run has been less than an hour. Mind you, at the Ironman I did “run” 26.2 miles, but in reality, I mostly walked the entire distance.

Today, I ran on the treadmill at work for an hour but was able to do only 6.9 miles. It wasn’t exactly fast, but at least I could run. I was huffing and puffing with my heartrate in the upper 140s and lower 150s. Hopefully, my speed will return soon.

The weather in Arizona these days is quite lovely. Evenings are especially nice with temperatures in the pleasant degrees and sunsets are gorgeous. We take Simi and Missy for walks in the neighborhood and they love lounging in the grass. We do too! Spring is in the air. Birds are nesting and flowers are blooming. I’ve seen javalinas, coyotes and snakes often in the last month. The lake has a resident Great Blue Heron and we see Kingfishers. Hummingbirds are everywhere. Spring is the best time of the year in Scottsdale.

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