Whew, Clear X-Ray

The X-Ray is clear. My lungs are clear (other than the lingering cough I am still carrying). This means that my back should clear up in the next few days. This is excellent news. Although I have not worked out in the past few days, I should be good to go by Monday or Tuesday. This should give me ample time to be ready for  Ironman 70.3 on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Saguaros are finally producing flowers. You can see them sprouting up all over town. Jasmine is also in full bloom. You can smell it in our courtyard. Oh, and the grapes in our courtyard this year are going absolutely nuts. We have a few dozen bunches on both vines. The harvest is going to be plentiful.

As for training, I rested today. We saw a pretty bad movie >> Wolf of Wall Street << with Leo DiCaprio. It has lots of sex, lots of nasty language and lots of drugs.

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