Kudos to Kimberly Shah – Triathlon in Ahmedabad

Kimberly Shah – Triathlete in Ahmedabad

I read today that Ahmedabad (aka Amdavad, my hometown in India) held its first Triathlon last month. I was excited to read that it was hosted by Sports Club where I used to play competitive badminton when I was a kid. The tri itself was a “super-sprint” with only a 200 meter swim, an 8 km bike and a 2.5 km run.

I want to mention and thank Kimberly Shah in this blog who was one of the organizers (she is a triathlete from Chicago and you can read her blog here). Now I have to add one more thing to my limited “bucket-list” – do a triathlon in Ahmedabad. I will try and coordinate my India-travel schedule with an Ahmedabad triathlon in late 2014 or 2015.

As for my training, I continue to feel better sans the occasional muscle spasms in my lower left back. I had a spasm this evening that lasted about 15 minutes. It was agony while it lasted, but otherwise there is barely any noticeable pain. Today was another lazy rest day. Binita and I went on a date to a pretty decent restaurant called The Gladly near the Biltmore. I had medium-rare Wagyu burger (which was slightly overcooked). I am a pretty harsh critic of restaurants and I gave this one a solid 6.5 on a scale of 10. (Note: so far, there has been only 1 restaurant that has scored perfectly – Bukhara in New Delhi).

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  1. Is this the same Gaurav – as in Manan, Mana and Manish's cousin? Hello from Gulli (Sunil Bhavsar) – I live in San Diego and Kimberly is my cousin's wife. 🙂

    email: sunilbhav@gmail.com

  2. Hey Gulli – yes, this is the same Gaurav. Are you still crazy about snakes and reptiles? I was in India last year and was talking to Manish about you as we passed Sundervan on Satellite Road!

    I may be in San Diego this summer for the July 4th weekend (with family). We should hang…

  3. Great! I will be in Abad around the 4th July weekend too for two weeks… Definitely reconnect!

  4. Wait…You'll be in Abad but I'll be (probably) in San Diego. Connect next time.

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