Will, Kristi, Mike, Shelly, Brett, Katie, Kristen, Gerry, Robin, Ashley Clifford, Chrissie Wellington and now Kimberly Shah

I have met so many cool folks after I started the tri circuit. Some are world-famous and some are local athletes, but all have good hearts and most have pretty amazing bodies. Most are smart, driven and successful at what they do and live a super-active lifestyle. I won’t name all of them here, but there are the local athletes (and friends) >> Will, Kristi, Mike, Shelly, Brett, Katie, Kristen, Gerry, Robin, and the list goes on and on and on. As for the pro circuit, I’ve had random conversations with many budding athletes like Ashley Clifford and have become friends with none other than the amazing Chrissie Wellington.

Most recently, I am communicating with Kimberly Shah (I blogged about her a couple of days back and have now made her acquaintance over email). I barely know here but she inspires me with her spirit, her drive, her attitude and her love for India (especially Ahmedabad). I hope that someday we will meet and exchange stories about the tri lifestyle and life in general.

I ran on the treadmill for 7+ miles in an hour. For the first time in a long time, the run actually felt good. My lungs are getting under control and my leg and back are hurting less and less.

Tomorrow, I leave for Nashville for a couple of days. I doubt if I will get any time to work out. I’m not a fan of travelling for work. Let’s hope the flights are on time…

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