Back in town with no workouts

By the time Mitch and I reached the Embassy Suites in Franklin, Tennessee (suburb of Nashville), it was almost midnight. Our plans to have dinner with Len and Julie were squashed because of flight delays. We were tired after almost a whole day of travelling and went straight to bed.
The bed at the Hampton Inn was quite uncomfortable. It didn’t help my healing back; I woke up in the middle of the night with back spasms. I had this grandiose plan of running on the treadmill (or outside) for an hour before our meeting at 9AM, but that fell by the wayside with my troubled back.
Delicious, heavy Italian food in Nashville
It was a gorgeous day in Nashville. Len picked us up after the meeting and we went to lunch to a great little Italian joint where we had way too much food. Our flight back was delayed by about 30 minutes and I had a middle seat on Southwest (at least the two people sitting on either side were nice and (more importantly) thin).
So in the past two days, I have ignored my training, my back is still giving me trouble, I have eaten nothing but unhealthy junk food and have spent most of my time in airports and airplanes. Great!! At least I am back in town…

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