Boston Marathon 2014 Bandits shame on you

People make mistakes. Most people get away with mistakes; but sometimes they pay a heavy price. Some mistakes hurt people while others annoy the hell out of others.

It is a privilege to run the Boston Marathon. Most people who run it have worked hard to qualify for it, or have worked hard to raise enough money for charities (usually thousands of dollars). Some are celebrities who get to run it simply because they are famous (e.g. Oprah; and I personally find that a bit annoying because they take up a slot without having to qualify).

This year, a few runners duplicated bibs posted on social media to run the Boston Marathon as bandits. These people (pictured on the left wearing the same bib number) are jerks; plain and simple. They are wearing bib number 14285 whose rightful owner for the 2014 Boston Marathon is Kara Bonneau of Durham, North Carolina (not pictured here).

Running a portion of a race as a bandit is one thing, but to actually go to the length of duplicating a bib number, running the race, crossing the finish line and receiving a medal is…well…unacceptable. Do you know any of these four shameless people? I am no lawyer but I wonder if this is considered a form of identity theft!

Now we come to find out that one of the people (not pictured here) who duplicated (aka stole) a bib number and ran the race “illegally” is a woman by the name of Chelsea Crowley; who happens to be the wife of the founder of FourSquare. Apparently, she got caught and now her husband has written an apology note trying to explain why he conspired with her to act so shamelessly.

Hey Mr. Crowley, first, let your wife apologize. Second, NOTHING is going to justify what you did; all you have do is let your wife say that she is sorry and then have her go hide under a rock for a few years. Runners who legitimately qualified for the Boston Marathon and ran in 2014 are a forgiving group and eventually, you and your wife will be forgiven. Third, as a gesture of goodwill, donate a TON of money to all the charities that support the Boston Marathon. Fourth, hope and pray that FourSquare is not affected by your collusion with your wife to indulge in this shameful act. Kapish?

As for my own training, I biked for about 16 miles around DC Ranch for an hour. The two days in Nashville were exhausting and I was huffing and puffing in the bike today; but I’m happy to be home!

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