Shortness of breath while running

Running has become increasingly difficult these days. While my leg and back continue to get better, my lungs are not quite the same. Somehow, my breathing is labored and I have shortness of breath. It seems to affect me more when I run than when I bike. This started over the past couple of months (after I ran the Phoenix Marathon on March 1). It’s frustrating to struggle while running. I used to love to run, but now I am beginning to dread it. Let’s hope it is temporary.

High heartrate, low speed

I started out to do an hour-long workout on the treadmill at the office today but cut it short. All I ran was 5.2 miles in 45 minutes. I started slow and built up speed, but lost all steam in about 40 minutes. It was frustrating having to stop without finishing the workout but my lungs just don’t have the capacity these days like they used to. My heartrate is revving high and I feel short of breath.

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