A labored swim | Lovely cactus flowers

Rest week begins today. Except for an occasional long ride or longish run, it has felt like rest week for the past 2-3 weeks. I am frustrated with my health issues. First my left leg, then my back and now my lungs. The saga continued today.

I went for a measly 1,000-yard swim at the JCC and couldn’t even manage flip turns. I was short of breath even when I was swimming at a very relaxed pace. My breathing was just off. It felt labored and uncomfortable. I hope it passes soon.
On a positive note, this is a lovely time of year here in Arizona. Cactus flowers are in full bloom with brilliant hues of purple, white, red, yellow and blue. You see them on almost every cactus. Birds and bees are also most active this time of year with their courtship dances and nesting behaviors. Some are starting new families and some are continuing old ones. This is my favorite time of year here in Arizona.
If only I felt better…I need patience!

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