Binita going to UK tomorrow

I have decided to rest for the next few days. I want my chest to clear up before I do any more training. The Hawaii Ironman 70.3 is in serious jeopardy now unless my health improves. If I have to drop out, it won’t be such a bad thing; I will simply vacation on the Big Island with Binita for 5 days. No complaints there. The Big Island is my favorite Hawaiian Island! It has more to offer than any other Hawaiian island including a volcano, a tropical rainforest, unbelievable scenery, desert landscape, gorgeous rainbows, amazing beaches and best of all, the Ironman World Championship!

I went to Binita’s office for breathing tests this morning. I had to blow into some kind of instrument that measured my lung strength, then run for 5 minutes and then do it all over again. Surprisingly, I had no trouble running this morning (although it was only for a few minutes). Unlike yesterday, I was not heaving or panting as heavily. While I didn’t feel great, it was a lot better than yesterday. The breathing tests didn’t prove or disprove any theories. For now, I will simply rest for a few more days.

Binita’s aunt in Nottingham (Jasumasi) passed away late last week. She was battling cancer and a few new complications had arisen over the past month. She was so young and full of life before cancer took over. We will miss her.

Binita and her mom are flying to UK tomorrow leaving me behind with the pups. They return back on Monday evening. I plan on chilling at home for the most part and taking the dogs for walks. They’ll enjoy that!

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