Burgers and fries with a high BP

The plot thickens. I went to my primary care physician (Dr. King) and my blood pressure is pretty high. It read 152 over 98 (normal is 120 over 80). This is the first time that it has come up this high and it is quite concerning. The heaviness in my chest remains and the shortness of breath continues. I also got a urine analysis and an EKG which both showed up normal; so I have no idea what to make of all this. At this point, I just want to be able to run a few miles at a steady pace. Any pace!!

Binita is still in the UK. Simi and Missy are somewhat bored but I try to keep them entertained by doing goofy things with them. They get confused but in a funny way, and then they smile (especially Simi). When I am home, they follow me around (probably hoping for more treats).

I went out to dinner with Mitch and Elliott to this place called Bootleggers. I’m sure that was a mistake because all I had was a burger and some fries (ya, lots of salt).

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