Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Without any training or exercise, it has been a lazy day today. I went to Safeway and bought a home blood-pressure monitor. My BP is (fortunately) coming down (most readings are around 130 by 90), but my heart-rate is still really high. My normal resting heart-rate (when I am not sick) is in the low to mid 50s, but right now it is in the 90s. Somehow, my heart is having to work really hard to pump blood throughout my body. My guess is that my lungs are just not giving it enough oxygen (but then, I am not a doctor). I still feel constriction in my lungs especially when I take a deep breath. I am still out of breath after walking up a single flight of stairs. It’s all a mystery that hopefully will be resolved soon.

Thank god Binita returns tomorrow. I’m sure she will be super tired after her quick trip to England. At least she has one day to recuperate; she had Tuesday off!

I went over to Rahul’s place for dinner and hung out with them and Atul-Nancy and Rahul’s parents.

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