Binita is back from UK

It was a strange day today. I went to work this morning, went out for sushi with the Parsus folks. Small exertions were making me short of breath. It was around 2PM that the day got really strange. I climbed up a flight of stairs to fill up my water-bottle and just couldn’t handle it. I had to stop and lean against the wall a couple of times to catch my breath. It was scary. I walked back down and spoke to Rahul about it for a couple of minutes and then went home. I went straight to bed. The pups were happy to see me but were confused with my extreme lethargy.

I picked up Binita and her mom at the airport. I’ve missed Binita more than ever over the past few days. I am so happy that she is back!

Something more than just allergies is definitely up with me. It is scary to think that it may be something serious. But then, knowing is better than not knowing!

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