Not exactly normal, but better

Mary Kate (nurse) and me – release from hospital

The picture is from yesterday when I was released. Happy happy!!

It’s so nice to be home. I feel good and energetic. After catching up on work last night and this morning, I felt good enough to actually drive to the office and even go to a lunch meeting at the Biltmore (True Food Kitchen). It’s just nice to feel somewhat normal again. As fast as my shortness of breath came on a couple of weeks back, as fast as it deteriorated, and as fast as they put me in the ICU after I went to the ER, I hope that my recovery is also equally fast. I felt better today than any time I have felt in the past few days, I hope it is the first day of a positive trend!

My focus now is on breathing normally and getting better. My family is visiting soon. My mom comes here on the 14th, Sheelben on the 17th, Naman on the 22nd and Amiben sometime in June.

Our Hawaii trip starting on the 28th will have to wait a few months!

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