Walking the dogs & a BBQ

Greenbelt in Scottsdale

Four days ago, I was in the ICU all hooked up to needles and machines monitoring my every move. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without letting the entire world know (or so it seemed). Today, I was out and about for almost the whole day. In the morning, Binita and I walked the pups at the green-belt by Scottsdale Healthcare (Shea). It was only a mile-long walk but did it ever feel good. The greenbelt looks nothing like the surrounding desert.

I still have a slightly lingering cough but my blood-pressure and heart-rate are both pretty much back to normal. I don’t have permission to do anything strenuous for a couple of weeks; I cannot wait to go out for my first little jog!

The Cottonwood BikeMS bike-ride with team K-LAR is scheduled for next weekend. With my condition, I will definitely not be riding. We went out for a BBQ this evening at Kristi’s place for team K-LAR where I saw many familiar faces (Mike, Shelly, Katie, Gerry, Kristin, etc. etc.). I’ll miss riding with them this year!

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