Congratulations Sanjana

The air quality in Phoenix today was horrendously bad. There was a warning for anyone who has heart or lung issues to stay indoors. We wanted to walk the dogs but stayed put for most of the day lazing around, reading this and that, watching a few TED talks, eating, drinking and napping. It felt lazy and it felt good. I guess I better get used to these passive days as summer approaches here in Arizona. I still have nine days before I can do anything strenuous and more than a month before I can fly!

I continue to feel better. My BP is back to normal. My resting heartrate is almost back to normal.

Sanjana graduated from UC Berkeley yesterday (law Master’s). I was supposed to be there but couldn’t go. She is in Yosemite for the next couple of days with Maithili, her mom and dad and my mother. I’m sure the trip will entail lots of eating, drinking, fun and laughter. I’m losing out on a good time!!

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