A hike in Sedona | Sad news at BikeMS

Missy cooling off in Oak Creek, Sedona
I was to ride the Bike MS event in Cottonwood / Sedona today. Since I am in no shape to ride even 20 miles or ride any distance outdoors, I dropped out. Instead, 4 of us (me, Binita, my mom and B’s mom) went to Sedona with the pups for a nice leisurely hike through Oak Creek Canyon (only 1.5 miles) followed by an excellent outdoor lunch at El Rincon in Tlaquepaque. I made the most of not being able to bike by chugging down a margarita and eating heartily. The pups had a grand time hiking through Oak Creek Canyon.

While in Sedona, we received sad news that there’s been a major accident at the Bike MS event. A woman was hit by an older man and she was airlifted to the hospital. Later in the evening, I received news that she passed away.

The number of bike accidents in Arizona seem really high. It seems that every second weekend I hear of someone being hit. While most break bones and recover in a few months, some unfortunately are injured critically. It is the age of SUVs driving at breakneck speeds. It is also the age of distractions while driving. If only someone could invent a “disable texting while driving” mechanism!

The woman who passed away was identified as 48-year old Ethelyn Hartline from Gilbert, AZ. May her soul rest in peace…

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