Snapathon App Launch

As someone admittedly addicted to triathlon and running races, I want memories of races. There are times that I fall asleep by revisiting how I ran every mile during a training run or a well-run race. Sometimes I hear music that instantly puts me in a running mood. Best of all is when I see a picture of me running or biking and am magically transported to a particular event.

Most shorter races (e.g. 5k) have no photographers. Almost all long-distance races have official photography companies. The most popular one is called MarathonFoto. Unfortunately, these official race photography companies charge an arm and a leg (upwards of $25 per picture) for race photos. Tons and tons of people complain about how much they charge. Most people are willing to pay a few bucks for these memories, especially if it is their first race or a memorable race; but $25+ is a tall order.

Enter Snapathon. The ratio of spectators to race-participants is usually at least 3 to 1. Watching a long-distance race has to be pretty boring. Some compare it to watching grass grow!

Snapathon harnesses the power of iPhone cameras and spectator time to allow anyone with an iPhone to take pictures and short video clips of participants. It’s easy and intuitive to snap pictures (and videos), tag them, let participants search for them and let participants (or anyone else) buy pics. Spectators who take pics are rewarded when their pictures are sold (or they can choose to donate to charity). Snapathon will change the face of race photography. Check out these links:

I planned to go swim this afternoon but didn’t feel like it. It’s not like I am training for any race…so I took the day off. 

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