How many airports do you travel through in a year?

Naman arrived in town this evening for a couple of days. He jetsets more than anyone I know. He lives in Kolkata for now but is in a different part of the world every month. Europe and North America are his main-stays. He was in Tampa, FL for the past couple of days and decided to swing by for a couple of days to say hi!

I wouldn’t be surprised if he flies through more than 300 airports each year. In the last week, he has flown through 7, and he will do 4 more in the next couple of days (Kolkata, Dubai, New York, Tampa, Tampa, Houston, Phoenix, Phoenix, Seattle, Dubai, Kolkata). Crazy!!

The treadmill at the Parsus office is not quite as easy as the treadmill at Lifetime Fitness. I ran on the Parsus treadmill today for 30 minutes. It is my longest run since my medical episode last week. It felt good to run at a relatively easy pace. My heartrate flirted up in the 150s, but it felt easier. My breathing was smooth and controlled; my legs felt energetic.

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