Memorial Day = BBQ

Today is memorial day. It is a day to honor those who fought wars for our freedom, but to most of us it just signals the arrival of summer. There are barbecue parties all over the country. We invited a few close friends and had curried turkey burgers, ribs and a few other goodies. The pups got a few treats!

The Whoopie babes came over along with Rahul-Janki-Kai-Anika and Kristi stopped by. It was festive!

Simi has been fighting an ear infection for the past few days but is doing much  better now with some antibiotics and some prescription ear drops. She was quite uncomfortable but is happy again now.

At around 9:30AM, B and I went for a short 1-hour hike in the hills around Silverleaf. It was sunny and hot. The high-temperature these days is already in the triple digits. The dog days of summer are fast approaching!

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