Runners high on a treadmill

After a bunch of activity for the past couple of weeks, our house is empty. Sheelben was here for a day, Naman for a couple of days and my mom for a couple of weeks. Summer is almost here. Not many people like to come to Scottsdale in the summer. It is brutally hot.

Mana (my cousin) called today. She found out about my Pulmonary Embolism a few days ago and called to see how I was doing. If you saw me or hung out with me, you would know that I am PERFECTLY FINE. I am not allowed to do anything strenuous yet, but I feel absolutely great (other than a small kink in my neck – I think I slept awkward last night).

Anyway, I ran on the treadmill here at Parsus today. It was a pseudo-interval session. I am not training for any race; hence I have started experimenting with different workouts. For this one, I started at a 6.1MPH pace and increased the pace every 30 seconds by 0.1MPH until I was running at 7.5MPH pace. I then walked for a couple of minutes and repeated the sequence; except I started at 6.2MPH this time. After 4 repeats and 40 minutes, I was done. In the last couple of minutes, instead of slowing down, I actually sped up to take my heart-rate above 160 at a speed of around 8.3MPH.

It felt great!! In fact, at around the 35-minute mark, I felt that slight sense of runners high. I haven’t felt that since my Cabo Ironman. It is a sure sign that things are coming back to normal. Hallelujah!!

This evening, B and I went out to dinner with Kristi and Karrie to The Monarch Cafe for a course meal. It was a bit too much food, but it was an excellent evening with good food, fine wine and superb company.

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